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Registered with Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE), LEAP SchoolHouse caters to children from 8 months through to 6 years of age, focusing on literacy development in both English and Mandarin.LEAP SchoolHouse was founded in 2009 with the mission to:
⦁ Build an environment where children will grow up with a love for reading and learning in the midst of Laughter, Engagement and Active Participation
⦁ Engage young learners in basic literacy by focusing on the four skills domains of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
⦁ Give equal opportunities for all to explore, interact and learn
⦁ One Territory,Two Business Models for overseas Area Franchisees
⦁ Access to Proven Methodologies and Pedagogies
⦁ Ongoing Teaching Innovation and Development
⦁ Initial Start-up Support
⦁ Comprehensive Operations Manual
⦁ Ongoing Training and Support

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