Category: Food & Beverage
Code: S2001


Brotzeit is a modern & Contemporary German Bier Bar & Restaurant that exudes the “New Germany” experience to our customers. It offers authentic German cuisine and world famous quality German beers in a chic setting.
Brotzeit is characterized by key elements such as vitality, dynamism and optimism, and these are reflected within the restaurant. The brand is confident and functional, which is different from the traditional German restaurants still seen in some places in Germany or other parts of the world.
All Brotzeit’s outlets engage guests with chic decor with a mixture of outdoor dining, and warm yet modem interiors; featuring oak tables, leather benches and with its unique stylish glass bottles display.The contemporary bier bar possesses a playful charm with its characteristic signature mural showing the history and development of German beer culture.


⦁ Unique Concept
⦁ Affordable Upfront Fees
⦁ Ease of Set Up
⦁ Extensive Guidance
⦁ Quick Return On Investment