Category: Enrichment
Code: S10001


KME Academy is a training institute that helps students design their own jewelry and can do business on their own. KME Academy was founded in 2016 and is managed by Singapore’s Koi Ming Enterprise Pte Ltd.

The academy is highlighted by the jewelry made by the hands of professional trainers. Their works are consistent and describe their personalities. The academy is designed to promote creativity and bring unique products to the public. Jewelry seminars are held at the academy for those who are eager to have something of their own. Currently, we organize weekly classes through our 3 strategic workshop locations in Singapore.


Our students will learn how to arrange patterns, necklaces, using rings, spirals, angles, French chains, lanyards, Danish clusters, and how to forge Pieces of heavy steel. Proficient them and other building blocks with their own design capabilities, the product you can make is unlimited.

Instructors not only impart invaluable skills to students, but we also cultivate inner confidence by helping you engage in successful and productive activities.

Through seminars, you will learn the basics of business and maybe even work with a mentor to create a unique line of jewelry with pictures, packaging, business cards. , Marketing advertising – all the essentials needed to start your own jewelry business.